Case Study: Rocbas Rookstool Real Estate Interview

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RocBas Rookstool Real Estate Interview
Rocco Basile is a photography expert and a renowned ideolog of fine photography. His expertise has traversed various genres of photography, from Portrait photography and fine art photography to photojournalism. Rocco is the founder of the Rocco Basile Photography studio and gallery that is located in Santa Barbara, Southern California. This is the locale where Basile and other seasoned and budding photographers exhibit their work to the world. Outside the confines of his studio, Basile periodically accepts freelance photography assignments, which have taken him to some of the most idyllic shooting locales in the world such as Tibet, China and Okinawa, Japan. The California based photographer spent most
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Property sellers specifically need to create an environment that will attract buyers. A simple strategy is to have the property cleaned and painted if possible.

What have you found out to be the best way to market property?
There area plenty of strategies out there, but I would recommend getting the right real estate agent by your side because they understand all the intricacies of the market. The other compelling strategies include making your self accessible and exploiting the internet to your advantage.

What has real estate taught you about life?
Thankfully, I have been lucky to meet many new people, some of whom have turned out to be my biggest clients. The industry has also taught me the importance of following every market lead and setting realistic expectations.

How can you use what you have learned in real estate to succeed in other areas?
There are many skills exuded by professionals in the real estate sector that can be replicated elsewhere. For example, most successful real estate agents posses entrepreneurial spirit, high likability, professional appearance and good communication and time management skills.

Do you have a mentor who taught you what you
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