Case Study Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic

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Case Study Coursework LEADERSHIP and ORGANISATIONS BABA SDL 2012-13’B’ Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair This case examines two organisations that have many similarities as well as a number of significant differences. The essential technology and systems behind each organisation may be very similar, but the nature and style of management and its consequent impact on the way people working in these organisations think, feel and behave have created very different organisational cultures. So what are the similarities and what are the differences? The most obvious similarity is that both Virgin Atlantic and Ryanair operate in the UK passenger air transport industry. Both are relatively recent creations and might be seen as new entrants to the…show more content…
The brand values are also very different. Virgin as a collection of businesses does everything from running trains, manufacturing contraceptives and cosmetics to offering financial services. All these enterprises are linked by the single powerful central image of the founder and the characteristic red livery; Ryanair does one thing and one thing only, but in doing so sets an almost buccaneering tone, readily taking on authorities such as the European Union over competition policy and the British Airports Authorities over charging practices. Branson has certainly had his conflicts with British Airways, notably over the 'dirty tricks' affair of the early 1990s, but is not likely to challenge governments. Virgin tries hard to build customer loyalty and gain repeat business through brandrelated service values; Ryanair's repeat business (and for some customers the Ryanair experience is one which inspires the thought 'never again') is on price, not loyalty to the brand. These differences have a significant effect on the nature of employment relations and the psychological contract between the two companies and their employees. Working for Richard and Michael Each company's brand image and treatment of customers

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