Case Study: Sacroiliac Trauma

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DOI: 07/07/2008. This is a 56-year-old male machine operator who sustained a work-related injury to his lumbar spine as a result of being hit on the left side of his leg by a corrugated sheet and twisted his lower back. Patient is diagnosed with lumbar spine neuritis, sciatica, and sprain of the sacroiliac ligament. He is status post lumbar discectomy on 02/28/2011.
Based on the progress report dated 09/15/16, the patient complains of pain and discomfort located over the lower back, described it as cramping, numbness and burning sensation mostly to the left leg as compared to the right. Symptoms are occasional (25-50%). Pain is rated as 6/10.

He feels worse with climbing stairs, driving, lifting, lying down, prolonged sitting, pulling,
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