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ScanSource, Case Study

ScanSource is a worldwide leader offering the industry 's best in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC), point-of-sale, communications and physical security solutions. By providing the value-added services and support that enable resellers to be successful, ScanSource is a trusted partner to their customers, vendors, employees, communities, and shareholders (
ScanSource, Inc. wants to improve their ability to sell across business units. The company is interested in strategies that could be employed to achieve cross-selling. The company is also interested in making new sales representatives successful in his or her career.
The goal of this case study is to present a snapshot of information to ScanSource that will enhance selling across business units and strategies that will potentially achieve cross-selling while making new sales representatives successful all while offering a sense of hope. The provided information is meant to showcase a number of solutions that will allow ScanSource to continue to flourish and strengthen its brand globally.
Types of Products to Cross-sell ScanScource offers four different types of business units: POS & Barcode, Catalyst, Communications, and Networking Security. Each business unit is useful to every company as updated communication and enhanced security is vital to ensure clients’ and customers’ safety and trust. Cross-selling has proven to maximize profitability for many…
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