Case Study : Scenario Analysis

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CHOCOBERRY CASE STUDY - SCENARIO ANALYSIS Name Institution Chocoberry Case Study - Scenario Analysis Idea Generation 1. What techniques will you propose to CB to generate ideas that can be developed into viable concepts? Three types of concept generation techniques that would be ideal for CB in generating viable ideas include: CB could consider evolutionary ideas generated from somewhere else; they could take existing product ideas and improve on them. Alternatively, CB could considers using the symbiotic idea generation techniques; symbiotic idea generation technique is a method where multiple ideas are considered, brainstormed on, and combined using a myriad of elements from each so as to generate a whole idea(Goffin, Lemke, & Koners, 2010). CB can also consider using computer-assisted discovery; this will help widen numerical and research possibilities. In fact, given the fact that the business that CB is involved in is more customer-oriented, I would recommend as it is in the process of idea generation, it must endeavor to ensure that they customer appreciated and embrace them. They can perform an in-house research to identify products that currently exist in the market, their flavor components, as well as their health effects-this in-house research can be broadened and widened by using the computer-assisted discovery(Goffin et al., 2010). The health effects and flavor components of other products, CB can use the symbiotic idea generation technique to
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