Case Study : School Canteen Management System

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School canteen management system
In this report, I will select information from the canteen and putting it into my own system and will then make decisions. I will be asking the person that in running the canteen system for a weeks’ worth of data for their food including the sales, the number of customers that used the canteen over the week and brought food over breakfast, break and lunch. Also I will collect the information which shows us the cost for the meals and the price which it is being sold at. I will then use this information and would then analyse it by using the Microsoft excel software. By looking at the system I will need to understand the information which I’ve collected to turn it into data which would be data which I can use and wouldn’t be meaningful. I am getting the information from the head of the canteen as this way the information would be more reliable and would be accurate information. The head would also have access to this information and would understand it, e.g. I wouldn’t be getting the information from the canteen staff as they may not know about the information. The information that the head will be providing will be raw data and will be facts and figures which will allow me to turn this into information and use it to make a decisions.

To do this I will be using the Microsoft Excel software. I have chosen this software as it will allow me to input data which will be collected from the canteen. This software will allow me…
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