Case Study : Seagram's Beverage Company

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Definition of Project: After careful analysis of the current situation at Seagram’s beverage company, I believe that I have found 2 areas of improvement that will greatly assist going forward in the implementation of future changes within the company. While, I greatly respect the efforts to instill corporate values company wide, a values statement without any planned implementation techniques, is not enough to change the culture, inspire, or motivate employees to change their performance or perception of the company. Scripture explains this very simply. James 2:17-18 tell us. “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without…show more content…
Diagnosis of the Current Situation: With Seagram’s 3 major entities: Seagram’s, Dole, and MCA, the possibilities for expansion and growth are endless. As each company has been successful previously, each will need to retain a sense of it’s identity independently, in order for their profitbability to increase together. Thing of this in terms of any sports team. While ultimately it is teamwork that creates success, and versatility is coveted in players, ultimately each position has a specific assignment and must be performed. Even if one perceivably carries more of the weight than the others, they are still integral for success. However, as a business the most integral part for success is the individual employees, as nothing can be accomplished or completed without those who actually perform the work. Your values statement serves more as a mandate than a motivational tool. Having spent almost a years time, engging in numerous focus groups, retreats, reviews, and drafts, the statement tells employees what they are to value, and not they they themselves are actually valued. The statement is over 150 words in length, has 7 core values, and your employees are not mentioned. While the intention may be that the term customer or consumer is meant to represent the employee, to a new hire, an outsider, or someone
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