Case Study : Self Care And Single Motherhood

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A Case Study in Self-Care and Single Motherhood Introduction: Paula is a 40 year-old single mother. She is a pretty active Church member that volunteers in Children’s church when possible. She is a paralegal who recently left a very demanding job due to discrimination. She realized her need to return to school in order to get her law degree. Her desire to return to school is due to a consistent request for legal assistance. Paula often helps friends and family with law issues because they can’t afford legal counsel. Paula loves people; she is a giver, and has always been a high achiever. A single mother of two, with a bi-racial daughter who turns two in September, and a nine year old son who has been diagnosed with defiance disorder. Her daughter already shows signs of giftedness, accelerated motor skills and the ability to conceptualize well beyond her years. Body: Due to her job loss, Paula had to move home with her recently widowed mother, who is still working past her retirement years in order to help make ends meet. To add to her stress, she is filing a discrimination case, fighting to receive unemployment, making arrangements with bill collector’s and trying to find a job while working on a career. Paula’s support system consist of her mother, and her two sisters who are also single mothers by choice or divorce. The father’s of her two children are only partially present in the children’s life, due to their own financial and spatial challenges. The

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