Case Study: Should The Dakota Access Pipeline

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Should the Dakota Access Pipeline be built? Because of so many protesting acts going on, it really shouldn't be built. Police keep attacking Native Americans and other protesters. If the protesters keep fighting them they'll have to give up on everything and cancel the pipeline once and for all. I'm sure that all of you hate people getting hurt for this so, we need more people to come and help us stop this once and for all. With every single person down the Mississippi River with one burst the water and everything could get poisoned so, everybody couldn't drink the water until it was cleaned out. With this pipeline their could be a burst and many people could get sick.
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If the media get involved in this more journalists would go down there and start writing things that happen over at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. With innocent people being arrested the protesters need more people to hold them off. With the media we could get this event online and fight the pipeline their as well, then people would get interested in the whole idea and start going to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and stop the pipeline once and for all. (Roberts)
With this pipeline their has been violent acts from officers or other law enforcement personal. Protesters were going north up a bridge to get better positioning to hold camp when, the law enforcement started firing water at them, rubber bullets, and tear gas. Their were two cars on from when the violent acts happened and protesters had to move the burning cars off the bridge before it would spread anywhere else and ruin everything in its path. Now I don’t know why the officers made the protesters move the cars of the bridge but that's rude to me because, its going back to when America was racist to Native Americans making them do things that they didn't cause. One reporter said, “Every time I went out it felt really unsafe.” When a reporter says that then the officers are really trying their hardest to build this pipeline to Illinois.(Park and

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