Case Study : Sigma Marketing Management

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Glenn Colson
October 14, 2014
MBA 505 Marketing Management
Assignment 2.2 Sigma Marketing

No business is isolated from its environment. It is necessary for all businesses to consider the impact of environment on their business operations. PEST analysis is a useful mode to analyze the changing business environment, (PESTLE analysis, CIPD). It bifurcates the external environment in to various dimensions such pas Political, Economical, Social and Technological.
For the purpose of understanding and evaluating this topic, the case study of corporation ‘Sigma Marketing’ has been studied. Sigma Marketing is an excellent example of business which is more likely to suffer as a result of technological changes and advancement. The most critical of the technological and competitive factors for Sigma Marketing are analyzed below.
Electronic Marketing Trend
As far as the sector of Sigma Marketing is concerned, significant changes are likely to occur in the near future. Large numbers of companies are changing their methods of advertising. With the advent of internet and smart phones, this has become the principal medium of advertising for many businesses. Sigma Marketing needs to prepare for the upcoming changes in this regard.

New Form of Calendars
The major operation of Sigma Marketing is related to the publishing of calendars. Desktop computers, Laptops and now smart phones all provide the user with variety of calendars at a glance. The
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