Case Study : Simmons Care Services

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Simmons Care Services (SCS) is a new business, located in Tallahassee, Florida, providing services to the developmentally disabled. SCS’s goal is to build relationships with state agencies, clients served and its employees. Their services will target persons with disabilities and the elderly. Mrs. Shelia Simmons, the Owner, will leverage her connections to build long lasting relationships. Having this basis will help to create a trust bond that will be leveraged when developing customer base. I met Mrs. Simmons in college and we have remained friends. I work in her company part-time; I admire her commitment, dedication, leadership skills and how she operates her company.
Simmons Care Services Mission:
To ensure quality, effective and
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She has an open door policy and welcomes suggestions from her staff.
SCS is entering its first year of operation and recognizes that marketing will be critical in developing a significantly large customer base. The company will offer professional services with an eye for detail. During the first six months SCS only had one employee. There are now three full-time employees including the owner and three part-time employees. Mrs. Simmons is responsible for the day-to-day operations (i.e. contracts, accounts receivable and payable and payroll). SCS is financially-based on client services.
SWOT Analysis:
• Experiential knowledge of the industry
• A solid foundation with a highly desirable community of prospective customers
• Low overhead
• Greater opportunities of becoming a reputable, caring and client-oriented


• Initially only one employee to help generate revenue and provide services
• A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness of services being offered


• Creating strategic alliances with clients that are open and receptive to our business services
• Creating relationships with other companies
• Repeat/new business relationships


• A market that is generally resistant to creating partnerships/referrals
• The ability to find competent and dependable employees
• Competition from other companies that are established in the market
• Future competition from similar, entrepreneur-spirited
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