Case Study : Simpson And The Role Of Trial Consultants

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Michaela Mapes
PSYC 401
Term Paper
The O.J. Simpson and the Role of Trial Consultants
The role of trial consultants in each particular case differs. These roles can vary from solely assisting with jury selection to a full range of services including conducting community attitude surveys, determining the effectiveness of evidence that will be used in trial, guiding attorneys through what approach should be taken during the trial, and preparing witnesses to testify in court. The different roles are an integral part of trial consulting as defined by the field of psychology. Field consultants are said to provide insight and guidance on the case through the roles described above. To determine if these roles described are that of the real world this paper will be discussing one case in particular that highlights the differing uses for trial consultants, the O.J. Simpson trial. Simpson was a former professional football player, idolized and known by many, who was tried for the death of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and a family friend, Ronald Goldman (Ford & Newton, 1994). Many people know this trial because of the high level of media attention it received but what is unknown to various people is the work that was put in by trial consultants Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Don Vinson. During this trial, the consultants focused mainly on assisting with jury selection, conducting community attitude surveys, and guidance on trial strategies. The trial consultants had to find a way to work around
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