Case Study : Singapore Telecom ( Singtel )

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Singapore Telecom (SingTel) is Asia’s leading telecommunications company provides a scope for telecommunication products and services in term of fixed line, internet, mobile and pay TV. Headquartered in Singapore with over 130 years ' of operating experience and played pivotal role in country’s as major communication hub. SingTel has built up itself as the largest telecommunication provider in Singapore and the second largest in Australia by market share and also at the same time the group is also long term strategic investor in six regional mobile operators. These achievements have help SingTel keep its fast pace in the best approach to accomplish its corporate vision which is to be Asia Pacific 's best multimedia solution groups. In Singapore, increased competition and quick changing business environment has been seen as the business sector is opening up to more service providers. A standout amongst the most powerful new products is the Next Generation National Broadband Network which includes with ultra-fast speed network access to the business and residential users. And SingTel serves over 550 million customers around world. SingTel have made the right moves by becoming into the fiber service provider. SingTel also strategically invested in Asia and Africa, including Bharti Airitel (India, South Asia and Africa), Telkomsel (Indonesia), Globe telecom (Philippines) and advance information service (Thailand). Singapore telecommunications group CEO Chua…
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