Case Study : Smart Card Llc Marketing Plan

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Smart Card LLC Marketing Plan
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September 28, 2014 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary
 Problem Statement
 Recommendations

Executive Summary
In order to develop an effective marketing plan a company must understand its best and current customers. Smart Card LLC, the experts on card solutions, enables companies to perfect frequency marketing. In the past, loyalty programs have been difficult to implement. Smart Card LLC has overcome those obstacles and created a one of a kind product that lessen the costs, lowers complexity, and minimizes bookkeeping; all required to implement a successful loyalty program.
Smart Card LLC focuses on activities that assist the
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The company’s target market is a mass of retail and other industries. They designed their product to be a one size fits all with the flexibility to match benefits to any consumer. In general, retailers are the prime candidates for this type of product, however not segmenting further will hinder the execution of a marketing strategy and overall profitability. A deeper analysis into the target market is necessary. Problem Statement
Does the company know the size of the market?
Smart Card LLC has failed to correctly identify its target market and understand its size. They want their product to appeal to the masses. Successfully implementing a one size fits all product without a specific marketing scheme is likely to fail.
Smart Card LLC did not specify its pricing strategy. A comparison of price strategies with the competition was not discussed either. One aspect not considered is that smart card users will need to update their current technology in order to benefit from the company’s product. This could require significant capital which only specific company’s would be willing to pay. This severely limits the potential market size and must be factored into its pricing plan.
Another interesting company decision is the use of regional sales force in the promotion process. By placing its sales force into regions the company is asking them to sell to both small and large firms alike. Salespeople with little experience

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