Case Study : Sociocultural And Social Work Lens

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The Sanchez family wants the local social service agency to provide a psychosocial assessment. As a social worker at the agency, they will apply sociocultural and social change lenses. To demonstrate an understanding how each of the theoretical or perspective lenses can apply to the Sanchez family case. To identify their problems, determine their skills and capacities, what they are doing well, how they accomplish it and then analyze ways that those strengths might apply to the identified problems. Social work professions need to understand the importance of how individuals interact both with other people and their environment, to have an understanding how individuals are affected by these interactions (Rogers, p. 2). According to Rogers (2016), “Social workers are knowledgeable about human behavior across the life course; the range of social systems in which people live; and the ways social systems promote or deter people in maintaining or achieving health and well-being. Social workers apply theories and knowledge from the liberal arts to understand biological, social, cultural, psychological, and spiritual development (p. 2). Their work with clients begins with assessments to evaluations of intervention and is based in and supports of the core value system of the profession.
Sociocultural Lens The sociocultural lens is a theory used in social work practice to help understand how a client’s culture affects the client’s behavior, perception, and life (p.

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