Case Study : Sony Music Entertainment

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3. Chapter 3. Case Study
3.1. Case Study I: SONY [10]
A case study for eProcurement and their success story well worth mentioning is the Sony Music Entertainment. The company is currently the second largest recorded music company worldwide. Sony reported a revenue of $4.89 billion dollars in 2014 and in synchronization with business solutions provider, SAP, Sony has rolled-out implementing those solutions to more than fifteen countries in Europe and Northern America. This Solution Deployment is still ongoing to expand to other parts of the globe.
Three of the most important Sony Entertainment’s goals are indicated to create an end-to-end purchasing solutions, to gain visibility and control over spend against the budgets and make procurement business processes more efficient.
 The Challenge:
The major challenge Sony Music Entertainment was facing was that the sale of traditional CDs have declined and was basically converted largely to digital formats. They were seeking a global and centralized solution to get better financial control specifically focusing on their marketing expenses. With more than 43 locations around the globe, the challenge was significant.
 Solutions:
They partnered with a company called Determine, to create an end-to-end purchasing solution that provided them with better visibility of their variable project costs. Determine, Inc. was established in 1996 and is a leading provider of enterprise contract management, supply management, and configuration…

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