Case Study : Soup King 's Supply Chain

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Soup King has expanded its base of operations across the globe and into a new product line. With this rapid expansion of our product, there are severe quality issues that must be promptly addressed with our production line. Addressing issues like this will help reduce our COGS and increase the efficiency of Soup King’s supply chain. Following the strategic management process (specifically the OGSM model); this plan will define our supply-chain objectives of our company within the next 7 years. Following this initial stage, our plan will follow corporate-set goals by setting effective strategies along the way. Finally, to lead the continuous improvement of our process for the future, we will quantitatively measure the success or failures of our initiatives so necessary adjustments can be made to the supply chain.
The first and most important determinant of Soup King’s success is our quality. With our flagship tomato soup experiencing the greatest quality issues since its market inception, it is urgent we address these concerns. With the help of enterprise resource planning software; we can create an SPC (Statistical Process Control). During the manufacturing process, the SPC will propagate real-time information onto control charts with predetermined limits. This way, if a quality issue extends outside of the control limits, Soup King will immediately shut down the production line to remedy the issue. Using the Six Sigma approach for our manufacturing line, we need to reduce…
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