Case Study : South West Airlines

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This case study on South West Airlines portrays how the company operates differently compared to the other companies within the U.S.A aviation industry. Southwest airline has indulged in activities that can only be. The strategies or tactics used by Southwest airline have challenged the big companies and enveloped on their market share. It is evident that Southwest airline has decided to try a different approach and models that have worked to their advantage (Gittell (2003), p.17). For instance, the company has deliberately foregone the commonly used ‘hub and spoke’ model and instead adopted the ‘point to point’ model. More importantly, the company deliberately aims in attracting commuters from other forms of transport such as road and railway, seeing them major competitors as well.
Analyzing service delivery process in Southwest Airline Southwest airline from their inception itself under the leadership of Herb Kelleher has employed a scheme of survival tactics to thrive within the industry. Since 1967, the company has employed different strategies in order to compete with other companies. The service delivery of Southwest airline is much different from other companies (Ziegenfuss (2002), p. 46).
For instance, the company has been keen on attracting commuters using other transport means such as trains and buses. As a result, the company offers bulk of its services to passengers commuting over short distances. The company monopolizes itself on short flights of
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