Case Study: Southeast Community Hospital

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Southeast Community Hospital, SCH, is a 175- bed community hospital, which has not been able to perform unexceptional care and have been generating mediocre financial results in comparison to their competitors. Due to the inability to provide quality care, which is centered on the needs of the population, the newly appointed CEO decided to compose a strategic plan in order to guide SCH in the right direction for the next 5 years. During this planning four specific task forces were set as areas of focus: cardiovascular, cancer, women and children, and orthopedic/ neurology. The number one priority is to expand the basic cardiovascular services into a comprehensive cardiovascular program. In regards to internal assessment SCH have a solid set …show more content…

This will allow them to better plan for fundraising. Next they would need to come up with successful fundraising plan, which will allow them to excel in spite of competitor’s. In order to recruit the most qualified health professional to run the new improved cardiovascular system the organization should include in their budget finances, which offers competitive pay. In order to gather data that would be useful for the strategic planning I would suggest the organization gather data in reference to the needs of the community; such as the types of diseases the community are suffering from the most. This will help when ensuring the cardiovascular have exactly what is need to improve care but not an excessive amount of new technology that is costly and will go unused. I would also suggest that the organization research to come up with the a precise estimate for the cost of the expansion. This will serve as a guide for fundraising as well as keeping the organization on track with the finances of the current hospital. Lastly I would collect data on the types of medical professional that is needed to run the organization; research the pay that is offered at other competitors in order to attract employees by offering better benefits.

With a change to the cardiovascular system there will be several changes in the internal and external assessment. The financial performance will improve due the increase in-patient now seeking cardiovascular care. The already favorable community support will increase because the hospital is improving the quality and range of services offered. Lastly there will wont be capacity constraints due to the expansion of the cardiovascular

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