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TJX Group Case Study Team 3 Southern New Hampshire University Introduction According to a recent Travelers survey, identify theft, cyber security, and person privacy rank as the top concerns for most Americans. Forty percent of individuals who participated in the survey believe they were a victim to one of these heinous crimes (Survey: Cyber Risk, 2015). Companies are focusing attention on this topic and investing vast resources to combating these crimes. Questions arise regarding TJX’s role and responsibility to apprise stakeholders of a data breach. In 2008, TJX found themselves in the unenviable position of needing to address these questions and concerns. This paper explores TJX response to compliance problems, utilization of strategy, influence response and decision-making has on the stakeholders and corporate brand, and the possible effects on TJX. Compliance Issues & Strategic Response Identity theft is, unfortunately, a commonplace in today’s world. Technology is ever advancing and evolving making today’s purchases obsolete. The obsolesces of technology plagued TJX. The company was attempting to get through under the radar with the enterprise security systems. “Because of the lax security systems at TJX, the hackers had an open doorway to the company 's entire computer system” (Weiss, 2014). TJX was cognizant of the breach and withheld information from stakeholders of the business. “Once a breach is discovered notification to consumers is paramount.”

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