Case Study : Spanning the Globe

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Feb 10 Feb 10 Case 1 Spanning The Globe Case 1 Spanning The Globe 08 Fall 08 Fall The introduction of case Tex-Mark, a company was started in the late 1970’s, is a manufacturer of printer and optical scanner in the United States and across the globe. Tex Mark inherited a production facility in San Antonio. And also had international facility in three countries: Mexico, Scotland and India. Then moved product development, sales and distribution to other countries. Such as Australia, Brazil France, India Israel and Hong Kong. The company takes employees: expatriates, and places them within those countries to run their engineering operations abroad. Tex Mark also has developed a training program…show more content…
The problem can be identify these issues: * The culture shock underestimated: Fred, he had three assignments on different production facilities of the company. Although Fred had been successful at setting up the facility in Scotland. But he was unsuccessful at Mexico and Indian. Due to the economic uncertainty in the period, the assignment set up time was not exceptionally long. And Eric found out that Fred and his team did not treat the local and national agencies with respect, also did not relate well to their Mexico counterparts. Therefore, the permits and authorizations had taken six months or more. This is an implicit problem for Tex-Mark. * Expatriation failure: The Jaipur, in India, Fred had been chosen to go there, because a personal problem of one of the chosen expatriated. And Eric will choose Fred because his previous experiences and technical abilities. Although Eric had designed a training and development pre-departure program, it was design for original candidates. And this program not take into considers the needs of Fred in this moment. And this is a problem Eric should be considering before he made decision. * Training and development program failure: Due to Tex-Mark had no particular emphasis on the pre-departure activities for every expatriate
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