Case Study : Spark New Zealand Essay

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1-INTRODUCTION Summary of the case Spark New Zealand (formerly Telecom New Zealand) provides digital services to millions of New Zealanders and thousands of New Zealand businesses. Now Spark New Zealand has taken a new step in their industry by coming up with smartphone security system known as Morepork in home security sector. They have appointed Gemma croombs to the position of general manager smart living. Morepork is home security system from which the customers can maintain anytime check on their homes or work fields etc., where they have installed the system. To make the security system easier, the company has developed their own application for the spark network users. Through this application the customers can view their security system from any corner of the world using Wi-Fi or cellular data. When asked upon the question of ‘why the company moved into homes security system’, this is what croombs had to say-“ We know we are living in a world where it’s disrupt or be disrupted, so we’re developing a range of smart, useful products that make life easier for our customers.” “More than 70 percent of our customers now own a smart phone and this is estimated to grow to around 80-90 percent within a few years. New Zealanders are using their smartphones as the ‘remote control of life’, so it makes sense they will want to use an app to look after their homes. The ‘smart home’ took center stage this year at both the Mobile World Congress and the Consumer Electronic show,
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