Case Study : Starbucks Coffee Company

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Starbucks Coffee Company
Ives Cai (Environmental Analysis)
Ricardo Camacho (SWOT Analysis & Recommendations)
Yvette Gomez (Ethical, Diversity, Contemporary Issues and Leadership & Motivation)
Kevin Rosas (Company in Brief, Strategic Management, Organization Structure & HR Management)

Environmental Analysis
By: Ives Cai
The global recession in the economy has hurt the macroeconomic environment which Starbucks operates in, as well as the customers’ purchasing power. Market research reveals that consumers have not cut down on coffee consumption but instead shifted to options with lower prices. Therefore, Starbucks can maintain its market share by offering cheaper options. They have taken steps to be part of the mobile revolution by working with Apple to introduce iPhone apps and payments, which makes them more accessible and appealing to a large customer base. U.S. consumers are also becoming more conscious of ethics, which means that they pay attention to the social and environmental factors of brands that they purchase from. Environmental Analysis
Macro Environmental Analysis
Political Forces
The main political forces influencing Starbucks are from sourcing the raw materials for their products. Politicians in both the U.S. and source countries pay attention to its business practices. Therefore, Starbucks makes sure to pay attention to social and environmental ethics and follow fair trade practices. They also make sure to follow the laws and

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