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Running head: Case Study - “Starbucks Structure” Week 2; Case Study - “Starbucks Structure” March 19, 2012 Week 2; Case Study - “Starbucks Structure” For this assignment we were required to review the case study titled “Starbucks’ Structure” found in Chapter 3 of our The five functions of effective management text. We are required to write a paper that answers the four case questions of 1. Complete a job description and job specification for a Starbucks employee. 2. What form of departmentalization should Starbucks use? Should the form be changed in stores offering food products and lunch? Why or why not? 3. When the company began to experience financial problems, should the leadership try to centralize power and decision-making…show more content…
Do you want to share your enthusiasm and at the same work in an environment where you can learn more about coffee? At Starbucks, we deliver outstanding customer service to every person that walks through the door. We do this through providing excellent customer service by greeting customers, offering assistance, and providing a clean and safe store environment for associates and customers. You will be responsible for taking customer orders and inform customers of related products, services or promotions. Additional duties support sanitation and organizational standards of the shop. You must be able think on your feet while you meet and greet our regulars and new guests alike. Cheerfully respond to all customer requests no matter how small. Be a creative problem solver. Ask if you can help take the customer to the product. One-on-one interaction with every customer within 10 feet of you. Smile and greet every customer with genuine feeling. Ready to work and in uniform. Name tag on and shirt tucked in. Everyone is thanked and sincerely invited back. Report to work on a regular and timely basis as scheduled. Work schedule requirements include nights, weekends, and holidays. Process customer orders by having knowledge of preparation, production and monitoring quality of coffee and food product, then packaging to specifications. Run register and control cash. Operate and keep Drip Brew and Espresso machines

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