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| Steelco | | | Week 3 | Case Analysis of Marketing | | | Steelco Case Analysis of Marketing Introduction The so-called I-beams are a standard element in modern construction used to build e.g. bridges, stadiums and super high-rise buildings. The I-beam market can be further segmented into small size beams up to 14-inches, in which a number of firms are active and a kind of perfect competition is taking place. As for the 14-inch to 24-inch range only Steelco and USX remain in an oligopoly. Above 24-inches though, USX holds a monopoly. Looking at the steel wide-flange beams in the US as a whole, one can see that Steelco and USX are the two major oligopolists. With Steelco pushing into the large range sector, ideally it can gain a…show more content…
Basically, the situation Steelco facing now is kind of product-oriented marketing, meaning company sell what they can produce. Since the new product is ready to be produced and we believe the market of above 36-inch beams actually exist, so the important thing is to promote the product to consumers. An ordinary suggestion would be to form a team and go to the contractors, which is kind of one-to-one marketing. The purpose of one-to-one marketing is to chase the constituency share. And by doing so, Steelco can have some loyalty customers. And because it is what the customers want determine what fabricators buy, and also because fabricators don’t have strong power in the market, so we need to firstly attract customers. For that reason, it is recommended to Steelco to keep the general and technological information exchange with fabricators, but also and especially directly promote to contractors. To draw extra attention from the industry, it is recommended that Steelco holds a design competition using the new product to emphasise its application and possibilities. As a marketing plan, three steps are laid out for successful implementation: 1. Form well educated teams to go and provide information to major constructors and possibly some government agency; 2. Hold a competition for the best design using the new over 36-inch beams; 3. Hold a public summit and invite

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