Case Study: Stickley Furniture

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Final Case Study 1. Which type of production processing job shop, bath, repetitive, or continuous- is the primary mode of operation at Stickley Furniture? Why? What other type of processing is used to a lesser extent? Explain. Stickley Furniture uses continuous production process in order to produce a large number of furniture pieces. This method consists of the continuous flow of process from one step to the other without disconnection. When boards are received from the lumber mills, they are instantly inspected to check for knots and other defects before they are passed through the computer controlled optimizer saw which cuts them into smaller pieces. As the lumber is released in pieces from the computer, the workers glue some pieces together which will be used in the end product as the tops of desks or tables. It is then passed through the pressers which compacts the glued pieces into a solid and strong board. After these preparations, with the ending step being the sanding, which focuses on making the board smooth by removing excess glue on the board, rectangular or circular holes are drilled into the timber. Mortising also completed at this stage, where the timber is shaped into different designs outstanding designs. All the stages above are continuously being carried out as a preparation processes after which they are directly joined into full furniture. The process involves both skilled and unskilled workers. The unskilled workers handle the inspection of knots,

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