Case Study : Strategic Retail Management

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Date of Submission A Case analysis of Strategic Retail Management at Lenovo: Introduction: Strategic retail management provides an opportunity for a company to develop its market approaches both locally and internationally. It presents the company with an opportunity to develop its market abilities and achieve its objective through building a brand that fits into all markets that it ventures in during its lifetime. Strategic approaches to the retail market provides an organization with an opportunity to meet the needs of its customers, develop brands that compete favorably in the international and local retail markets while building a lasting brand that sustains market pressures. For years since its inception, Legend Company in China…show more content…
Presentation of Facts Surrounding the Case: Strategic retail management plays a vital role in developing the success of a company’s brand on the market. It supports the company in its bid to enter into different markets and successfully meet the market demand creating an opportunity for the company to boost its performance and increase its sales position. It also supports the company in creating a competitive edge developing it above the ranks in the competition. Lenovo for the past years since its coming into the market has grown to become China’s biggest PC maker. It has also gained recognition in the international market to become the third largest PC maker worldwide coming third to Dell and Hewett Parkard standing at a $12 billion in annual revenues (Quelch & Knoop, 2006, p.1). The company focused on its local China market for a long time developing strength for its brand locally before embarking on a bid to have it gain global recognition. The desire to go global was backed by many needs including the need to have brand development strategies that would have the brand succeed on the international market. The entry of Dell into China and Asia created pressure on the company on its local market leading to an effect on the sales the company registered. It is
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