Case Study : Strategies And Solutions Essay

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CX Strategies: Technically, Avtex Solutions has two main practice areas, which are contact center (CC) technologies, and CRM solutions. However, as time went on, the company started to mold the two separate areas together under customer experience (CX). They established this innovation through the realization that they were leaving money on the table when it came to cx consulting.
Chris Munshaw has stepped into the lead role for this effort at Avtex, and his official title is CX Evangelist. “I guess you could say it’s an interesting title”, he said as he chuckled. My role can be summed up as this: You see, Avtex’s sales people would often call for CC or CRM related issues, and somewhere along the process they would be trying their best to give out CX advice. However, that began to be a distraction for them, but major headway for the company. We realized more and more over the years that this new CX innovation effort was on the minds of countless enterprises in the markets. We began to think, why not develop this as our main practice area, and have it encompass all of what we do?”
This is exactly what happened. Avtex began to change its marketing messages, and became known in the industry as a CX technology firm, not just a CRM and CC reseller. This innovation by the company led to not only serious revenue efforts, but door openers for larger projects. “Avtex does not make the big buck for CX journey mapping or CX consulting. However, what we do is prove a point. We show
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