Case Study : Struggling Operations in a Manufacturing Organization

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Case Study # 6: Struggling Operations in a Manufacturing Organization Stakeholder analysis: Within this case study, many individuals can be referred to as stakeholders. The individuals residing in the two states where the plants are located may be affected by any changes that occur within their geographic area. In addition, federal, state, and local government agencies are responsible for the enforcement of laws that the business may be required to abide by. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are the responsible individuals, which must make the appropriate decisions in order to protect the company’s wealth. As the COO, responsibilities include supervision of the three different product lines that…show more content…
Chuck is the plant manager for the aluminum siding product line. Just like Betty, he has no college education but has had fifteen prior years of management experience. So far, he has been managing the plant for four years. He is responsible of overseeing twenty people within the plant. He has appointed two of his most capable employees to maintain the equipment since the equipment manufacturer has gone out of business. The other eighteen employees have remained on the shop floor to carry out the manufacturing duties. One major problem within this plant is employee retention. The average employee works at the company for about three years and later seeks a similar job elsewhere that pays higher wages. Employees are stating that the working conditions are poor, there is a lack of pay incentives, and rumors have been spreading that the plant may be sold in order to improve the company’s financial standing. As a manager, Chuck is not aware of the issues that employees are bringing up to the COO. It is also stated that Chuck does not seem to interact with his employees. The only time he does so is when they have a problem. In addition, the production goals are not being met and while he keeps requesting new equipment the company keeps struggling financially. Jay is the head of the tire recycling equipment plant. He has obtained a dual graduate degree in organizational behavior and marketing. In addition, he has six years of management experience. With just a month in

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