Case Study : Submission Of Expert Proposal

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August 19, 2014
TO: Professor Lowderbaugh

FROM: Ibtisham Alam

SUBJ: Submission of Expert Proposal

In response to assignment sheet nine, I am pleased to submit my expert proposal


The Robert H. School of Business is failing to provide outreach that guides transfer students to its Shady Grove Campus. Smith has does not help prospective transfer students regarding Smith program. Lack of finance as a major, limited staffing, lack of information sessions are hurting Smith and transfer students. Initiating a new strategy will help resolve these problems. Having [Do you mean providing?] more information sessions at community college[s], [possibly]adding finance as a major, and having [hiring?] transfer-specific staff will [I’d be more careful and promise only should] create a successful connection between Smith and potential transfer students entering Smith [delete]. Budget and Personnel are listed accordingly to implement such changes. [This sentence tells me nothing real.] [(Number of words?)]


• College Park – Reference of University of Maryland College Park Smith program.
• Smith school – Reference to University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business
• Shady Grove – It is the Smith School of business at Shady Grove campus
• UCB – University of California Berkley and the changes that university have made.
• MC – Montgomery College

August 19, 2014
TO: Luke Glasgow

FROM: Ibtisham Alam

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