Case Study Summary : How I Control The Market

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On day one, no problems were really faced issues because everyone had a sufficient amount of money and all the properties were on the market to be bought. The market was relatively easy to enter due to the abundance of cash and willingness of others to buy my properties. I believe that I controlled the market on the first day due to people buying my properties at expensive prices, allowing me to stock up on profits and prepare to buy properties that I actually needed. On day two I gained my first monopoly, which I was able to purchase using the abundance of cash I obtained from selling properties my first day. I monopolized the three violet properties which includes: St. Charles Place, States Avenue, and Virginia Avenue. I started to…show more content…
James Place. This gave me control of one entire side of the board. On day four, I controlled a majority of the market after I made a deal with Jackson which cost him almost half of his total profits. After doing this, I bankrupted Sam and Carson while Jackson bankrupted Matthew. I ended up taking over and obtaining 6 monopolies and had a higher chance of making income than Jackson did. The problem I ran into however, was spreading myself thin. I bought houses and hotels on these new properties but had a smaller amount of money to help pay for rent in the case that I land on Jackson’s properties. No groups can be formed at this point since me and Jackson are competing to take over all. Jackson and I found ourselves at a stalemate with our money constantly being used to pay for each other's property rent. A monopoly did not really benefit me in the end due to constantly losing money to other monopolies. While my own monopolies did bring in a significant amount of cash, it was not enough to pay for other monopolies expensive rent. Monopolies are real danger because they take in all the cash and control everything in a single market causing no room for competition. Once someone gained more than one monopoly in our game others began to quickly fall bankrupt due to the monopoly owners making and demanding so much cash. Once the others ran out of cash they had to start selling and mortgaging their properties which just fed the monopolies more money
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