Case Study : Sun Country Airlines Essay

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This case study looks at Sun Country Airlines’ (SY) only hub/domicile of Minneapolis/Saint Paul
(MSP) International Airport. This study will analyze some of the challenges Sun Country Airlines faces currently and in future growth. This study will look into terminal issues such as gate space and expansion capabilities. It will identify difficulties Sun Country Airlines faces as a small airline at one of Delta Air Lines’ major hubs. It will also discuss traffic congestion associated with MSP, the growth potential, and limitations. It will examine factors affecting demand at MSP such as climate, direct destination travel, location in respects to two major metropolitans, and connection of passengers from remote locations. Sun Country Airlines will need to adapt like other airlines that use MSP to regular economics challenges, such as fuel costs and recession possibilities, which both drive ticket prices. Additionally, Sun Country Airlines will also need to alter their business model from charters to remain profitable.
MSP has more than enough runways with the four runways to support even the most saturated times of summer travel. Gate space is still a premium like any other major airport and improved taxiways for ground traffic congestion and flows is the future there. The MAC and MSP
LTCP has majority of the growth happening at Terminal 2 where Sun Country Airlines’ gates are, and therefore, the future looks like more direct

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