Case Study : Supply Chain Management

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Abstract This paper articulates that supply chain management is all about providing the right products, at the right time, to customers at low cost. To attain competitive advantage, organizations should think radically about business process optimization to maximize profits and gain new customers. Forward looking companies are going beyond improving customer service, partnering commitment and improved quality controls in service supply chain. Successful companies are managing warranty costs, improving their product through upgraded service supply chain operations, which generate more revenues. Firms must identify what the company can do to improve their practices and services while classifying what their employees are capable to perform at…show more content…
Performing these require superior manufacturing, marketing and managerial activities. In other words, they need to identify what the company has to improve while classifying what their supply chain associates are capable to perform at quality level functions, therefore the supply chain remains efficacious. There are some queries firms essentially need to achieve their goals in a competitive supply chain while providing the best service, they will set a target market (customer), use advertisement strategies to attract more customers and being able to reach that competitive advantage. Once they’ve identified the customer, they recognize the customers’ values, consequently choose what standards they will highlight first and then assess the customer 's satisfaction with the service had provided. Competitive advantage is the capability to generate greater profits than competition thanks to the diversity of products and services provided, as well as quality and low cost transportation. Appropriate supply management allows a quick response from supply chains to encounter clients’ demands. In order to conserve competitive advantage businesses require to have shorter lead times. In addition, it includes more than just goods offered by suppliers, firms may provide similar or equal products that are priced similar, have
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