Case Study : Supply Chain Management

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To succeed in today’s competitive markets companies must learn to align their supply chains with the demand of the markets they serve. Supply chain performance is now a distinct competitive advantage for companies who excel in this area.
Supply Chain Management(SCM) is defined as a set of approached utilized to efficiently integrate suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and stores, so that merchandise is produced and distributed at the right quantities to the right locations and at the time in order to minimize system wide costs while satisfying service level requirement.(Simichi-levi et al., 2008). Increasingly organisations are taking advantage of modern communications and transportation technologies in order to increase their
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Eedward, A. Murash, and Steven, R.Clinton, (2008) focussed their studies on the role of transportation capabilities in supply chain management. They defined the meaning of transportation more as an ideal position to integrate and coordinate flows throughout the supply chain. To minimize total costs and maximize value, transportation integration is essential within the supply chain.
Most distributors agree that lead time plays a major role in retailer’s perspective, this is due to they not being patient and less willing to wait for delivery of they ordered. The ability to deliver the goods before the competitors can makes a lot of difference between a successful and a diminishing market share.
Company Overview: -
During my vacation, at my home town I was given an opportunity to work at Surya International. Surya International is a Hyderabad (Telangana, India) based private limited company operating in the line of distribution since 1996. The company deals with a wide range of wellness products (such as shower enclosures, sanitary ware, shower panels, faucets, etc.) for different social groups in the society. Surya International gained most of its market share by selling brands like Jaquar, Duravit, Gabrit, Nirali, Camry and Cera. Since the past couple of years Surya International is been facing
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