Case Study:. Suppose After Trying To Get Pregnant For Many

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Case Study:
Suppose after trying to get pregnant for many years, after being tested it is found that the baby has Down syndrome, and the doctors suggest to abort the fetus. Although, having a successful career the question is would you get an abortion? A friend also says yes and now you are torn between what you want to do, what you should do and what others tell you should do.

Abortion Ethical Dilemma Essay
Women are the giver of life and with that comes a beautiful bouncy baby. Sometimes with this right, an abortion can be a part of it due to various reasons such as, rape, incest and medical disabilities. People face ethical dilemmas such as those from the time we are born until we die. No one knows what they will do in an ethical
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However, he also gave us the freedom to choose which path we will follow (Deuteronomy 30:15-20).
Another core belief is that whatever that we have done wrong can always be put back into perspectives if we ask for forgiveness. The Christian worldview says that humanity is sinful by nature and, therefore, will live and act in a sinful manner. From the beginning, God enacted and unfolded his plan for humanity, to redeem a people for himself (Titus 2:11-14), requiring that justice be upheld and sin punished. Although this may be considered a punishment she will be forgiven. Because we were already born with sin embedded in us. I believe it will be more of a punishment of her soul to give the baby up and then find out the baby is not being treated fairly in foster care or the government facilities.
In the Christian worldview, God is a moral being who made humans capable of moral choices (Uhley, 2014). The Christian thing to do here would be for me to tell her that the ultimate decision is hers, her spouse and her God. Do not take it lightly because after everything is said and done we will be judged. As long as she knows the decision she makes is the one she can live with and that is all that matters.
As a result of my honesty, the lady would be able to choose a position based on how she feels and not man’s decision. We all know that ultimately her judgment will be with her creator, no one else. Even people who otherwise describe
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