Case Study : System And Functional / Business Analyst

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1. What are the similarities? (System /Functional/ Business Analyst)
Answer: These are the major roles among analysts. The similarities are like:
a) Should be skillful in their respective departments
b) To outright in business successfully group work is mandatory.
c) Targets primarily on end user intention for the productivity.
d) Maintain Technical Details securely by analyzing and solving the problems whenever required.
e) All of them are dealing with IT department in any organization and their work leads to beneficial for that organization.

2. What are the differences? (System /Functional/ Business Analyst)

System Analyst Functional Analyst Business Analyst
a)Associates at Ending Phase a) Associate depending on the work done by other people in the organization. a)Associates at Starting Phase
b)Requires IT Education and Environment Skills b) Works either technically and Non – Technically also. b)No requirement of any IT Education skills
c)Targets mainly on designing, testing, implementation phases c) Solves the problems of an organization which occurred during designing and implementation phase. c)Comprises of business process
d)Uses Requirements that are gathered d)Uses and work with those requirements d)Gathers requirements

3) What are the pros of being an analyst?
a) Endeavor on a collection of projects or business deals which dwindle the possibility for disgust and satisfaction.
b) Organizations pay more salary for an analyst. Reconciled new protest…
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