Case Study : ' Tardis Cafe '

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Question 1:
A.Adam, Ben, Chris and I decided to open a company named “Tardis Café” which is a proprietary limited company. Two of four are directors and four members have equal shares. We need to register a company. Firstly, we can search information through the Internet and register a company with ASIC. After that, we should fill the application and put signature to this. Secondly, send the application with required money to ASIC. Then, when they receive it, the company is given an ANC, register the company and issue a Certificate of Registration. Finally, ASIC will issue a unique eight-digit number affiliate with our company 's ACN (known as the 'corporate key ') to office address within two working days. It must be included on some paper forms we may lodge to change your company details. In this case, all four of us have equal shares. When register the company, we also should keep a record of the detail information of shareholders.

B.Before you register a business name, you can find lots of useful resources on the website. First, visit the website and log into the account, and if you don’t have an account, you should get a new one. Secondly, enter ABN or ABN application reference number. After that, you need to enter lots of things, as the order is the proposed business name and registration date, the proposed business name holder details, and the address of the proposed business name. You also should provide some detail information…

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