Case Study : Target Company Scan

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Target Company Scan:
J/E Bearings would prefer to enter in the supply chain of Weatherford. Weatherford is a leading oil and gas services company. The company was founded in 1941 in Weatherford, Texas, United States by Jesse E. Hall Sr. Mark A. Mccollum is the present President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Weatherford has it’s headquarter located in Geneva, Switzerland. Weatherford’s primary business is to provide products and services to companies which are involved in the assessment and production of oil and natural gas, both on land and offshore. (Weatherford, 2017)

Weatherford provides these products and services from its business group which are drilling and formation evaluation, well construction, Completion and
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The products and services offered in this are; artificial-lift system, flow measurement, production and reservoir monitoring, pump and fluid system, software, production training, and production optimization support. (Weatherford, 2017)
The reason for choosing Weatherford as the best option for J/E Bearing to entre in its supply chain, are explained by following factors.

Global Infrastructure:
Weatherford is one of the leading global provider of oil and gas equipment and amenities. Weatherford has a wide network of business, the company is operating in more than 100 countries, having 16 technology centers and around 1,000 manufacturing and service facilities. Weatherford provides oil & gas equipment and services almost for whole processes involved in drilling, evaluation and production of fuel. (Weatherford Customer Stories, n.d.). The company’s main focus is on three specialized areas of operation i.e. DeepWater, Aging Reserviors and Unconventional Field. (Weatherford, 2017)
The above mentioned image gives information about global infrastructure of Weatherford. Weatherford has the highest number of 355 manufacturing and service facilities in the North America region, and lowest, 44 manufacturing and service facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa Region. From 2015 to 2017, the company’s total facilities reduced by 28%, this reduction happened because the company

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