Case Study : Tech Shield Should Make A Decision

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Tech Shield should make a decision to invest in Apple Inc. stocks because they are one of the most popular electronics company in the world. This report recommends making an investment in Apple because: • Affordable stock price • Strong business strategies • High market share But Apple Inc. also has a few weaknesses compare to other electronic companies such as: • Higher prices compare to other brands • Nonnegotiable advertising price Research shows that Apple would never lower its premium prices but actually will maintain its high prices while its competitors will decrease their prices. This prevents them from increasing product sales but they do have strong loyal customers. Their business strategies focus on profits…show more content…
They lose the opportunity to sell their products in other retail stores and increase their sales revenue. Though because of the fixed prices, Apple is able to secure the sales of their own retail stores as well as their online retail website. Although Apple’s business strategy is to choose making profits instead of increasing market share, their high popularity with the customers allows them to gain market share as well. From December 2013 to April 2014, Apple’s smartphone market share percentage is a lot higher than Samsung, LG, Motorola, and HTC by over 20%. The most convincing reason why Tech Shield should invest in Apple’s stocks is because the company has decided to split its stocks to attract more investors. Apple’s stock prices typically average around $600, but since April they have announced that their stock would be around $100. Tech Shield has the opportunity to buy more shares of Apple stocks. Apple is one of the potential companies Tech Shield should look into investing into. Introduction The Apple Inc. began in a garage of a Palo Alto residence, which Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne had co-founded back in April 1, 1976. According to, the first Apple computer creation called Apple I was a DIY kit sold for $666 ( Apple Revolution). When the first Macintosh computer first made its debut in 1984, being the first computer to offer a “graphical user interface” (
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