Case Study : Technology Limited ( Comm Tech )

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Comm Tech (Executive summary) Commercial Technology Limited (Comm Tech) is located in the UK and they design and manufacture electronic office and business equipment. The company is listed as 3rd in the UK for Market share, meaning that the company holds good competitive advantage. The company specializing in offices equipment the majority of their clients/customers are offices. The company is also a sub-contract manufacturer for European and US equipment manufacturers. This report is going to analyse the current position that the company is in, it will look at the strategic performance of the company to see what they were planning to in order to meet their aims. Also they will be an evaluation of the quality and operational performance…show more content…
Also the company has focused on penetrating the wider world market by developing a range of high quality products to help with the business growth. Comm Tech has a reputation of them providing high quality and affordable products. The company realised a new office product, Office System 2012 (OS 2012). This machine functions as a colour printer, scanner, copier and fax. The company 's previous reputation of supplying high quality and affordable products and the rave review received for the OS 2012 for its “innovative design, functionality and price”. This created a large amount of customer interest which came with massive demand for the new product. The SWOT analysis in appendix 1 showed that the company’s main strengths are their position in the market, their reputation of providing quality and affordable products. These strengths make some key contribution to the business strategic plans. Quality performance Comm tech is well known for their quality products which are also sold at good affordable prices. But the quality of the their newly released product the OS 2012 has decreased, this is due to 2 reasons 1- The high demand of the new product has made the company face some problems of supplying it. 2- The change in supplier has dropped the quality of the materials that have been used to make the OS 2012. The change of the supplier has affected largely in the manufacturing part of the company, John
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