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Consider the annual parking charge per individual for USPS car and vanpools participants, if a USPS parking spot costs, $120 annually that cost divided by four employees is $30 per month. The majority of employees (without parking spots) pay transportation fees of approximately $15 daily, $295 per month or $3,540 per year. As such, employees that park in the building have their annual salary subsidize by the avoidance of the commuter fees (e.g., the tax deduction is not comparable). The costs difference between those that telecommute and have a parking space is even greater.

Why is there not an annual lottery for spaces to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to park in the building? There are currently carpools that have existed
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The lottery should exclude all car and vanpool participants of the prior year, which limits participation in the parking lottery to bi-yearly, thereby affording more employees the opportunity to secure a space.
4. This board would also conduct periodic or quarterly gate checks in the garage to ensure the integrity of the parking program and compliance with the MI.
5. Provide metro/commuter benefits
6. Charge a month parking/access fee per person for parking in the garage with monies divided between Health & Rec and Facilities.
7. If the initiative behind telecommuting is to save energy, the first preference for parking spots should go to daily commuters that do not telecommute, and use residual spaces for pools of telecommuters.
8. Facilities management would report to the ELT appointed board, as does the PMG to the PRC.
9. USPS to secure reduce rate or subsidize parking in the public garage for USPS career employees.
10. Provide a designated number of parking passes to each VP to distribute at their discretion.
11. Provide a two parking pass to each VP for daily use by their unit.
12. Provide only daily or weekly passes on a first come first serve basis.
13. Shut the parking garage down entirely (excluding Essential Personnel as stated in the

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