Case Study Term 2 Unit 4 Assignment

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CASE STUDY 2 Criminal Justice professionals have certain responsibilities and duties in order to fulfill the needs of society. Criminal justice professionals are the backbone to any society and they are given certain authority and power by the government to protect its citizens. This sets them apart from the general population. They are expected to fulfill the vast amount of duties expected of them in a professional manner. Criminal justice professionals are expected to have very high moral standard therefore in order for the citizens to feel safe they have to remain vigilant and professional; they are not expected to be any discrimination or biasness at all, during the commission of their duties. Law…show more content…
Another function of the correctional system is rehabilitation which, after treatment is design to make criminals functional in society after release. In the correctional system the correction officer duties are to enforce the rules and keep order within the jails or prison, supervise the activities of the inmates, help with the counseling and rehabilitation and ensure that the facility is up to standards. With the large multicultural diversity of the population in the prison system, correctional officer are usually given cultural sensitivity training and they usually encourage minorities to join their agency . The legal system or justice system is the mechanism that upholds the rule of law. The court provide a forum where disputes are resolved and to test and enforce law in a fair and rational manner. The legal system is there to ensure that every citizen that goes through the system are protected and their constitutional rights are not violated. In order for the justice system to be looked at as not being marked with biased or discrimination, they often hire from cultures representing community populations. If a certain group of citizens feel alienated from the system that may cause distrust. CASE STUDY 4 The general public is very much aware of the duties and responsibility associated with criminal justice profession, but because of what is going on in
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