Case Study That Mason May Be Suffer From Schizophrenia

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DSS20162 Abnormal Psychology
Case Analysis
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Question 1:
Mason may be suffer from Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic, symptoms of various mental disorders, with abnormal thinking, and the reality of complete disjunction and hallucinations and other conditions.
First, in terms of negative symptoms. Mason does not pay attention to his own personal hygiene and appearance. When the psychologist asked him questions he was quiet and not says anything. Even that he does not talk about his personal informations and family. He unwilling to find a job after losing his job in the restaurant, lacking interest in people and things, and losing his motivation to do things. Second, in terms of positive symptoms. When psychiatrist asked questions he has thought disorder, he often only answers yes or no questions. And he still has delusional behaviour. He thinks he played backup music for Bob Dylan in the seventies, as well as jailing him away from the plot of his
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The incidence of schizophrenia is concentrated in late adolescence to early adulthood as it is a crucial age for social and career development (Addington et al., 2007). May be Mason live in a large city and makes work and life stressful. Mason at the age of 25 suffering from mental illness. Before being sick, he was dismissed from the restaurant and did not want to find a job after that. He stayed in the room for a long time and paid no attention to hygiene.
In addition, the family environment is one of the important factors that make Masson disease. After Mason lost his job, his mother was very upset about Mason not to find a new job. She often criticized Mason for being lazy. A study pointed out that while parental rearing does not have any significant impact on the onset of disease, the encouragement-typed education is less likely than the critical type of future illnesses (Picchioni and Murray, 2007). It may be also lets him has mental
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