Case Study : The Acme Corporation

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The company that we chose to evaluate was The Acme Corporation, a publicly traded entity that has grown to over 7000 locations throughout all of the United States (compared to 800 fifteen years prior). Acme Corp. has a proven track record of being financially responsible by meeting all of their financial objectives, also, in the past year there was an annual volume was reported at $20B. This means that Acme has a good business reputation from their sound financial practices, and as you can see from the high number of stores they are growing at a very fast rate. In order to ensure this upward growth remains constant as well as sustainable, our group will focus on streamlining the supply chain by minimizing the various constraints. With companies that gain prominence so quickly, from 800 stores to 7000+ in fifteen years, the main challenge is handling this growth correctly as well as not overstretching your size or influence. Also, since the intense majority of the growth has been via takeover, there is also a risk of becoming so large the company will become disconnected from consumers, which is a cardinal sin in the convenience (retail) industry. Acme Corporation is not considered a Big Box retailer; they rather leverage convenience as a point of differentiation, which will set them apart from their competition. While Acme Corp. is not a small business by any standards, the fact that do not operate like a Big Box store (no cost of membership, high levels of customer…

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