Case Study : The Acme Corporation

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Introduction According to the case study, the ACME Corporation held a meeting with the development team to design and plan a new mouse. Michael Carroll is the team leader of the project who is focusing on designing a new mouse and he has asked me to sit in the meeting as a facilitator. The team is required to design the mouse considering the needs of the new generation. The mouse will be used along with the newer generation of personal computers. To get this job done, the team has only six months. Thus, the period for the task is short and the work required to get the job done is a lot. Analysis According to the case, the project team needs to focus on how they can design the mouse in six months meeting the needs and requirements of the project manager. The issue is that what techniques and tools can be used by the team to design a better mouse? They need to consider the computers in today’s generation so that the mouse can be used along with it. The team considered the scenario and presented seven different ideas. Now the task is to focus on each design considering that which one is the best and which should be implemented. The team comprises of all the design engineers lead by Michael Carroll who is the Chief Design Engineer. While addressing the team, the leader asked to design a new mouse within six months. The prototype should be ready in three months so that the company can start promoting and marketing the products. Since it’s a big task and achievement for the
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