Case Study : ' The Angel '

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Case Study #1 The Angel, 1997 Susan Meeks, an alias, woke to what she thought was the middle of the afternoon. A bright yellowish light was shining through the west window of her travel trailer. An other world being was in the room and was as tall as the ceiling of the trailer. She went to the bathroom where she washed her face with cold water and stayed in there long enough to smoke a cigarette. When she went back to the bedroom the being was still there. The being showed her future events. "Those buildings fell straight down, not over", she told me, referring to the World Trade Center. The explosion of the space shuttle was seen and she had written the debris would be found in the Atlantic Ocean. Future events were told…show more content…
Case Studies # 3, 4, 5 The Bigfoot sightings came from many sources and calls for interviews about a Bigfoot sighting were numerous. The four interviews selected were due to the occupations of the interviewees. These informants are required by their professions to give descriptions to numerous agencies, courtroom accounts, superiors, the public, the Federal Bureau Mysterious Creatures 12 of Investigation, and numerous other people. The occupations were a former sheriff 's deputy, fireman, and a college professor. An interview was with two people who are laborers to discover if the stories match with the professional observers. All the stories were of a creature having reddish-brown fur and looking like a human. The fireman and sheriff 's deputy told of an injured creature who was picked up in a white van bearing government license plates. Neither of them knew where the creatures had been taken or who in the government had picked the creature up in the van. The stories had details of crooked teeth, an unwashed human smell, and matted hair. The college professor had casts of footprints, hair, chewed twigs showing human bite marks, scat in plastic bags, and pictures of elk with broken necks and broken bones where the marrow had been removed. When asked about why he kept these objects and did not allow the public

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