Case Study : The Apple Corporation

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Describe the challenge faced by that company or organization
Currently, the Apple Corporation is undergoing pressure from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), along with other Federal entities, to compromise its stance on privacy protection for Apple’s consumers. This issue began with a tragic, mass shooting and the subsequent investigation that followed it. On December 2, 2015 an individual named Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik opened fire at a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party. At the end of the shooting 22 of the guest and employees were seriously injured and 14 were dead. The following investigation by the police and the FBI led them to Farook’s iPhone. While they were able to recover information which was backed up to iCloud, the auto backups quit occurring on October 19th of that same year. Initially the FBI was able to crack the 4-digit password to the phone but due to a technician’s error, they unfortunately re-locked the phone and were unable to open it back up within the allotted 10 attempt range. At this point, the FBI came to Apple and demanded they create a new form of software that is able to bypass the encryption and turn off the software which erases all data after 10 failed attempts (Levin, 2016). Apple rejected their requests on the grounds of overall customer privacy. The Justice Department brought the requests to Federal Court and on February 16th a Federal Court judge issued a court
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