Case Study: The Atokowa Organization

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Atokowa Case Executive Summary An analysis of the Atokowa organization was conducted and it was found that the company's primary business line is in the declining stage of its product lifecycle. Although this phase of the lifecycle may take a considerable amount of time before it is completely phased out, it is recommended that the organization begin to diversify its operations to mitigate the changing business environment. Since it already has seven retail locations in place, it's should begin to further develop the retail aspect of the business. Currently, the company does not have sufficient infrastructure to allow it to develop its retail division to its fullest potential; it cannot even track what sales stem from B2B activities and those who are generated from the B2C consumer segment. Competitors, such as Ikea, have streamlined operations in the furniture industry and since Atokowa has a lot of potential to follow their model for creating operational efficiencies in this target market. Furthermore, it is recommended that the company implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so that it can position itself better to face the challenges that lie ahead. Company Overview Atokowa has evolved from utilizing a single photocopier in the 1970s in a garage to a major player in the stationary and office supplies industry in Australia. The company sells a wide array of stationary and office supplies it individuals, businesses, and other

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