Case Study : The Auto Bailout

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1. The Auto Bailout Daniel Levi, in his book, Group Dynamics for Teams, declares that “a team is a special type of group in which people work interdependently to accomplish a goal” (1). Near the end of 2008, Chrysler and General Motors were in need of help because they confessed to the world that they were in danger of financially collapsing, thus the US auto bailout was created. The task force was brought forth by the Obama administration to help Chrysler and General Motors overcome their financial obstacles, in addition to implementing new ideas that would help them develop. Although the US auto bailout was a temporary project, the task force was a fine example of the definition of a team. Due to their consensus decision making and interdependently coordinated tasks, they are presented as a self-managed team. Although the auto bailout’s leader, Steven Rattner, was not selected by the team, he still carried out the characteristics of a team facilitator by overseeing the operations. Overall, the team had high collective efficacy therefore setting higher performance goals, only leading to excellent performance (Levi 66). 2. Why This Team Was Selected President Obama’s task force is a considerable exemplar team based on their processes that lead to successful outputs. This team was also relatable, as their processes pertained to group dynamics that were discussed in class. For example, the team had accomplished a SMART goal, a common method utilized to achieve objectives.
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