Case Study : The Automobile Manufacturing Industry

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The automobile manufacturing industry is one of the largest industries in the United States and there are some worldwide famous companies such as Ford and General Motors. Henry Ford innovated mass production techniques that became standard, with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler emerging as the “Big Three” auto companies by the 1920s (Foner - Garraty 1991) (Bland,A).” As I wrote earlier, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are called “big three”. They used be the best of best and still are. But the appearance of those companies such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen and FIAT make the industry more competitive. Now, we (consumer) have more choices which car to buy and that 's how the industry become more and more competitive. According to the Motley Fool, Toyota sold 10.23 million vehicles in 2014 and ranked number one (Rosevear, 2015). Volkswagen group ranked the second, it sold 10.14 million vehicles in 2014 (Rosevear,2015). Finally, General Motors the company from the United States ranked the third place, it sold 9.92 million vehicles worldwide in 2014, falling to third place in a race that it led as recently as 2011. But GM is under different management these days, and CEO Mary Barra is focused much more on the company 's profitability than she is on its sales rankings. Given that GM 's profits have trailed its global peers ' for years, that 's absolutely the right emphasis now (Rosevear, 2015). And Ford Motor Company ranked at sixth with its sales of 6.32 million.
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